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Your patients have been waiting months and months—perhaps several years, for a kidney transplant from a deceased donor. The meter’s running, the clock’s ticking and each additional day puts their hopes and dreams at risk. They’ve been told to ask their family and friends for help, but they are reluctant to say anything at all without more encouragement and guidance.

Is your center offering its pre-transplant patients communication tools to attract potential donors? Would you like to empower waitlisted patients to proactively seek living donors? If so, we can help! Become a Donor-Seeker® Program Provider and let us take the heavy-lifting off that wishlist, so you can concentrate on the things you’re really good at – improving patient outcomes!

Become a Donor-Seeker ®Program Provider

Empower Waitlisted Transplant Candidates to Proactively Expand Living-Donor Opportunities & Secure Their Best Outcome. Learn more about the 3-Phase Program Below.

 Program Overview Video


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