Welcome! We suspect you heard about the state of Arizona's Proclamation Resolution, HCR 2019, which recognizes Living Kidney Donors Day, on March 20th. Perhaps you also caught one of our billboard campaigns, in downtown Phoenix and that inspirational message brought you to this page?

Either way, we thank you stopping by to help us honor the amazing living kidney donors (LKD), like Kati, who donated a kidney to save and extend someone's life. LKD's are brave and selfless humanitarians, that not only save lives - they also give hope to those who have to wait years for a kidney from a deceased organ donor. They also inspire ordinary people to seek extraordinary opportunities. LKD's represent the pinnacle of one of the tallest, most magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime achievements out there. 

Living Kidney Donors Day helps us remember these humble heroes. LKD's don't wear a Medal of Honor or a superhero's cape. They don't hold a sign or a badge. They claim they aren't heroes, yet their tiny scars hidden under their clothes and the person's life they saved tell us otherwise. 

Living Kidney Donors Deserve More Recognition

We believe living kidney donors deserve more recognition. The intention of this campaign is to do just that, by publicly honoring these remarkable humanitarians, as extraordinary human beings who selflessly donated one of their kidneys to end the life-threatening wait for someone in need. 

Living kidney donors are individuals who chose to donate a kidney (sometime during their lifetime) after obtaining approval from a transplant center's medical evaluation committee. Most living donors choose to donate because they either knew someone in need or simply wanted to help a stranger. 

Witness the Miracle

Because living kidney donors choose to donate one of their kidneys while they are living,* they get to witness the miracle of their gift (and experience immense pride of accomplishment) for years to come. *Living kidney donors also retain their right to donate their remaining organs later in life. 

Just Imagine

Ever imagined what it would be like to save someone's life or improve the quality of someone's life by extending their remaining years- while you are still alive? Living kidney donors have transformed this dream into reality. 

In this campaign, we're inviting real-life living kidney donors to show their proud faces, take a bow and elevate their story to help us increase awareness and inspire others to lean in this direction. Have they inspired you?

Hidden Organ Donor Facts:

The Need:  Over 109,000 end-stage kidney disease patients are in desperate need of a replacement kidney.

The Wait:  It can take 3 to 9 years to receive the gift of a kidney from a deceased organ donor on the national transplant list. Living Kidney Donation can end the wait.

The Benefit:  Kidney transplants offer a far better alternative to dialysis. The benefits include, a better quality-of-life, fewer medical complications and longer survival rates.

Match-Making:  Living kidney donors don't have to be blood-related to the recipient. They only need to be blood-type compatible. But even then, there are Paired Exchange Programs that can offer alternatives.

Know Your (ABO) Blood-Type

Your blood-type is necessary to determine if you'll be blood-type compatible to the person in need. You can either ask your doctor for a blood-type (ABO) test or seek a "direct-consumer" lab alternative. Direct-consumer labs allow patients to order lab tests with or without a doctor's order. Thanks to House Bill 2645 (sponsored by Arizona Representative Heather Carter, R-Cave Creek and approved by Gov Doug Ducey) this bill now allows consumers in Arizona the ability to request basic lab tests and access results through a secure online portal.

The Opportunity:  Healthy individuals can donate a kidney while they are still living and continue to live a full life. In other words, kidney donors don't have to wait until after they've passed to donate. They do, however, need to pass the transplant center's donor qualification process in order to proceed.

Learn As Much As You Can

There's a lot to discover when it comes to living kidney donation. That's why we created the Top Twelve "Need to Know" Answers to the most frequently asked questions on living kidney donation. We encourage you to take the time to explore this handout. Learn more here:  See Top Twelve Questions on LKD. 

Watch Informative video: Family & Friends Learn More Here


Who Will You Help?

Do you have a specific person in mind? If so, contact that person's transplant center (the transplant hospital where the patient is registered) to express your interest and request an evaluation. If you don't know someone in need, simply contact a transplant center in your area (i.e.; hospitals that perform kidney transplants) to initiate a conversation about helping one of their patients in need. If you'd like to learn more or need help connecting to a transplant center or have questions, contact us. 

What’s In It For You?

While there are no trophies or medals, parties or parades or suitcases of money; there’s a lot to be said about the perpetual joy that comes through the act of giving another person a better life. In addition to helping reduce our country's kidney shortage, living kidney donors say that their reward is being able to witness how their kidney donation led to someone's “life gain.” They often describe their experience as one of their most profound achievements ever.

Creating Awareness

It's going to take a nation of informed citizens to increase awareness in this life-saving opportunity. If your journey happens to end here (though we hope it won’t), we are most grateful that you took the time to visit this site and learn more about this need to increase awareness.

For those who wish to support the cause, your tax deductible financial contribution will help us fund the continuation of our efforts to increase awareness, educate patients and engage communities and help those in need secure and extend a better quality of life through living kidney donation. We thank you in advance for your support in our humanitarian efforts to save and improve the lives of those in need.

To Make a Tax Deductible Contribution visit: www.transplantfirst.org/go/contribute

*The TransplantFirst Academy is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

For those who would like to contact us directly to discuss aspects of this campaign please email our founder, Risa Simon at:  risa@transplantfirst.org 

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