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Patients depend on their doctors to keep them well informed, but this can be a challenging task when it comes to encouraging Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients to take a deeper dive into evidence-based facts, motivational strategies and quality-of-life goals that lead to superior outcomes.

Sadly, the most basic CKD patient education is often withheld until the patient reaches Stage 4, when insurance companies will mostly likely approve payment. At the TransplantFirst Academy, we believe patients deserve to know more at a time when they can apply the learning to future planning needs and benefit most.

A paradigm shift is called for here—and the TransplantFirst Academy’s Providers and Partners are doing just that. How are they doing this? By using our unprecedented education tracks to crack the mold on standard delivery for CKD patient education. That’s right. They’re introducing their patients to critical information—early-on and shortly after diagnosis, with the goal of keeping their patients well-informed and emotionally motivated to stay happier, healthier and in charge of future decisions.

TransplantFirst Academy’s providers and partners give CKD patients an opportunity to psychologically prepare for future health changes, employment considerations and best treatment options. And, they are doing this at a time when patients are physically and mentally capable of engaging in, and benefiting from, the insight they gain.

If you’d like to empower your patients to become their own best advocate and feel more in control of their destiny by proactively engaging in their own care—we invite you to become a TransplantFirst Academy STAR PROVIDER or ALLIANCE PARTNER by visiting our services page or by contacting our team to request an application and information on fees.


Our providers, affiliates and partners include physicians, renal group practices and organizations, transplant centers, kidney patient communities,  End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) networks and thought leaders in preemptive transplantation who either provide or oversee CKD and ESRD patient education. Take a peek at our mission, vision and purpose. Explore why we exist and who we serve. If you sense a connection to our philosophy and your aim expands beyond the professional pledge ‘to do no harm’ – Let the conversation begin!


Are you a patient who dropped into our site to learn more? Wish you could find a TransplantFirst Academy Provider so you, or a loved one, would be able to receive this special training? Discuss this opportunity with your doctor to request TFA’s unique training be offered in their practice. You can help create awareness in the vital need for proactive patient empowerment. Start creating BUZZ about the TransplantFirst Academy today to be a part of a better tomorrow.

Our Providers Offer CKD Patients Proactive Success Formulas.

And, Not Just Because It’s A Professional Responsibility;

Because It’s The Right Thing To Do.

TransplantFirst Academy’s Mission

The TransplantFirst Academy’s mission is to offer nephrologists and renal group practices an accelerated education program that utilizes a proactive model of empowered patient engagement for improved outcomes.

TransplantFirst Academy’s Purpose

The TransplantFirst Academy’s purpose is to improve CKD/ESRD patient outcomes, by providing nephrology practices with a proactive education model that supports a comprehensive, progressively-tiered patient learning experience.

TransplantFirst Academy’s Vision

The TransplantFirst Academy’s vision is to enable transplant eligible CKD patients their best opportunity for circumventing dialysis through preemptive ‘live-donor’ kidney transplant opportunities.

Who We Serve

The TransplantFirst Academy’s target audience includes nephrologists, renal groups and transplant centers; as well as kidney patient organizations, ESRD Networks and CMS divisions that either provide or oversee CKD and ESRD patient education.

Learn more about packages and fees here.

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