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Your patients have been waiting months and months—perhaps several years, for a kidney transplant from a deceased donor. The meter’s running, the clock’s ticking and each additional day puts their hopes and dreams at risk. They’ve been told to ask their family and friends for help, but they are reluctant to say anything at all without more encouragement and guidance.

Is your center offering its pre-transplant patients communication tools to attract potential donors? Would you like to empower waitlisted patients to proactively seek living donors? If so, we can help! Become a Donor-Seeker® Program Provider and let us take the heavy-lifting off that wishlist, so you can concentrate on the things you’re really good at – improving patient outcomes!

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Become a Donor-Seeker® Program Provider

Empower Waitlisted Transplant Candidates to Proactively Expand Living-Donor Opportunities & Secure Their Best Outcome. Learn more about the TransplantFirst Academy’s Path2Transplant, Donor-Seeker® Program by clicking on the PDF below:

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The Problem: It is a known fact that receiving a transplant before dialysis is optimal, yet the number of people waiting and the average wait is squelching outcomes. End Stage Renal Disease ESRD patients depend on their nephrologists and transplant centers to introduce proactive strategies that can help them secure a better and longer life. Sadly, most patients are devoid of this insight.

Education Voids & Timing of Delivery. ESRD patient education is often delayed until the patient is nearing their final stages of their disease continuum, when clear-thinking and the ability to make informed-decisions can be greatly challenged. To make matters worse, option comparisons and mortality truths are left unspoken.

Outcome Challenges. How can best outcomes be achieved when transplant eligible patients have been left in the dark about their proactive role in securing their best quality of life? There is a huge difference between life tethered to a dialysis machine and life as a transplant recipient. Sadly, most patients are unaware of the differences—including dialysis mortality rates and years gained from a preemptive (live-donor) transplant.

Patients Need to Know That Getting a Transplant From a Living Donor is not a “Click-Your Heels” Ruby-Slipper Kind of Thing. It takes courage and a lot of time, and a lot of patience to educate others and increase awareness. Most patients may think it’s easier just to start dialysis and wait for a deceased donor’s kidney, not realizing that time on dialysis works against their health or even disqualify them from ever receiving a transplant.  It’s important for patients to understand that their upfront efforts can potentially lead to quality years of joy and gratitude with family and friends.  

If the Goal is to Empower Outcomes, Patient Education Must Remain Front and Center. Without this focus, patients will be ill-equipped to proactively contend in one of the biggest marathons of their life. When we shine light on a better path—and lead the way to a more promising future, patient accountability kicks-in making the seemingly impossible, not only possible, but doable.  

We’ll Show You The Way—Enlist your Center by Becoming a Donor-Seeker® Program Provider. We’ll even take care of the heavy-lifting, by providing you insightful patient education materials that encourage, empower and ignite living-donor communication strategies to end the wait and improve patient outcomes.      

For more information contact our founder, Risa Simon:

Email: Risa@TransplantFirst.org

Office line: 480.575.9353 

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