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Patient Handout:The Dialysis Dilemma

Blog.The DialysisDilemma Part 1:Survive or Thrive?

No one would dispute the fact that dialysis is an essential life-saving treatment for end stage renal disease (ESRD). The medical marvel of a mechanical device mimicking waste management functions of a human kidney is, indeed, remarkable. And while this brilliant technology helps its users survive, an alternative option could help ESRD patients live an even better life—so they can thrive.


The Hidden Opportunity

Thousands of transplant “eligible” dialysis patients could be missing out on an opportunity to live a higher quality of life without even knowing it. Could you be among them? Have you considered your options, or are you staying “put” because that’s the only thing you thought you could do? Perhaps you feel, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Your life doesn’t have to be broken to make it better. What if there was a way to dream a bigger dream. What if there was a way to make that dream come true? What if that dream was your life without the machine? Do I have your attention?


Could you be transplant eligible? Could you be overlooking a better opportunity without even knowing it? Perhaps you think this doesn’t apply to you because you’re already waitlisted for a deceased organ donor. Has anyone explained the superior benefits a transplant (from a living kidney donor) can offer? If you answered “no” to most of the above questions, you may have fallen into The Dialysis Complacency Trap®.

The Dialysis Complacency Trap®


You (consciously or unconsciously) choose to stay on dialysis because

It has become your survival routine and your preferred‘Comfort Zone’—despite the fact

you’re transplant eligible and rarely describe dialysis

as anything but comfortable.”


Your Fears and Hesitations

Are you hesitant to pursue transplant because you fear the surgery, immunosuppression drugs or the thought of putting someone else at risk for your own benefit? While these concerns are not uncommon, they pale in comparison to the benefits this life-altering experience can offer both you—and your living kidney donor.


Making Dreams Come True

Think transplant is an unrealistic fantasy due to the fact that there’s already nearly 100,000 people waiting ahead and alongside of you? While this unequivocal organ donor crisis has become a sad reflection of how supply cannot meet the demand, there is a way out. All you have to do is be willing to transform your passive “wait and see” postures into pro-active behaviors. How do you do this you ask? Through desire, intention and pursuing living kidney donor opportunities.


Unopened doors await you. Behind these doors you can potentially transform all your fantasies into ‘dreams come true,’ as you gain a fresh perspective on this untapped bundle of benefits.


But No One Cares Enough

Already feel defeated because you believe if someone really wanted to help you, they would have done so already? Know that these thoughts are coming from your frightened inner voice and “doubting Thomas.” These skeptics are just trying to trick you into believing you are unworthy and that no one cares enough about you to get involved in your crusade.


The truth is, no one will ever offer to help you if they don’t sense your determination and your desire to live life more fully. It’s your belief that a better life is out there, and you want it—and it’s within arm’s reach that will inspire others to lean in and step forward.


Though the Decision is Yours for the Making,

Your Family & Friends Deserve To Play A Leading Role In the Making of “YOUR BEST LIFE” Movie.


About the author: Risa Simon’s unwavering resolve to live her best life possible led her to her life’s work to help all CKD patients live their best life possible. As the founder of www.transplantfirst.org, www.theproactivepath.com and www.KidneyKinships.org, her goal is to inspire all kidney patients to become their own best advocate. Risa mentors and coaches kidney disease patients while presenting patient empowerment seminars and webinars. For more information on her life-changing strategies and trailblazing “donor magnet” systems revealed in her book “Shift Your Fate: Life-Changing Wisdom For Proactive Kidney Patients,” visit: www.shiftyourfate.com




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