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Living Kidney Donor Awareness – Billboard Campaign

Campaign Purpose – Save Lives

The Problem: Approximately 110,000 people are in desperate need of a replacement kidney. Their life-threatening wait can range from 3-9 years.  Nearly 5,000 people die while waiting each year.  Caring communities must do more.

One Solution: The TransplantFirst Academy (TFA) is rolling out a national billboard campaign to inspire a life-saving alternative to our nation’s life-threatening wait for a kidney. Designed as a tribute to honor Living Kidney Donors (LKD), it also triggers increased awareness and the potential for citizen engagement.

Campaign Tribute  (Learn more here: www.1Kidney.org)

TFA’s Living Donor Awareness Campaign is a tribute to those brave individuals who courageously saved the life of another. These living heroes don’t wear a Medal of Honor or a superman or superwoman’s outfit.  Instead they hold an intrinsic “Lifetime achievement” award for the role they played in improving and extending someone’s remaining years. As ambassadors of human kindness, they inspire citizens to stretch their imaginations and aspirations to “pay-it-forward” for the greater good.

The Difference Between Living & Deceased Donors

Living kidney donors are individuals who chose to donate a kidney during their life. The difference between living kidney donors and deceased donors is significant. What sets living donation apart from deceased, is that living donors get to witness the miracle of their gift for many years to come. Living kidney donors can also continue to live a full life after donation. And living donors can choose to donate a kidney (or a lobe of a lung, partial liver, pancreas or intestine) while they are living – without giving up their right to be an organ donor later in life.

It Takes a Special Person

Living kidney donation is not for everyone. It takes a special person (and a very healthy person) to qualify. Living kidney donors offer end stage kidney patients the most effective therapy for kidney failure. Their gift provides a better quality of life, fewer medical complications and longer life expectancy than the only alternative, dialysis. 

Why Is This Important?

More people die each year while waiting for a kidney transplant, than those who died in 9/11. The wait for a kidney from a deceased organ donor also causes thousands of kidney patients to experience advanced illness and complications that extend beyond the hope of ever receiving a transplant. 

Target Goals

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to save lives and inspire human kindness and participation in LKD. To make this goal a reality, TFA has set a first phase goal to raise $210,000 for 12 months exposure in 21 key cities across America. With the first billboard going up in greater Phoenix on December 14, 2015, your donation could very well determine the next location.

Information is Power

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to living kidney donation. That’s why TFA created an informative landing page which includes access to the Top 12 Need to Know Questions & Answers to Living Kidney Donation. Learn more at this link or download below:  www.1kidney.org

Make A Contribution Today! 

Together, we have the power to save lives by inspiring citizens of our communities to seek the best opportunity humanity has to offer. Act today.

*Your contribution is tax-deductible through the TransplantFirst Academy, a non-profit 501c3 corporation. Funds received will go directly to education, expanding need awareness, promotion, production costs and billboard rental space.

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